KITCHENER -- Waterloo Region is reminding the public of LRT safety after a 40-year-old man died after being struck by one on Saturday morning.

It happened at Columbia Street West near Phillip Street in Waterloo.

Maintenance crews were working on the signals at the tracks at that intersection on Tuesday, but it's unclear if it's routine maintenance or if it is related to any recent incidents.

The region's website has a number of safety tips:

  • Never race a train to the crossing
  • You should stop at least five metres from the nearest rail gate
  • Don't cross the track until you're sure the train or trains have passed
  • Make sure there is no second train after the first
  • It is illegal to drive around, under or through an LRT gate while it is already down and even while it's still being lowered.

Pedestrians can be fined and drivers can receive demerit points for such actions.