Waterloo Region is pushing back against the provincial government's plan to amalgamate 35 public health units to 10.

A community services meeting on Tuesday morning heard multiple councillors highlight concerns about the major change, which is set to take effect in the spring.

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A report was presented and another letter is being written to both the premier and the minister of health highlighting why the region thinks the plan should be reconsidered.

The report suggests the province needs to consider the population and geographical size of the health unit that would include Waterloo Region.

As it stands now, the boundary would encompass nearly three million people, making it the largest in the province.

"We really want to underscore that changing to 10 large planning areas, I think will disadvantage communities, I don't think it'll be cost-effective," says regional chair Karen Redman in part.

The changes also include a more-than $5 million funding loss of provincial funding.

Karen Redman says she's worried it will mean services will be offloaded and taxes possibly increased.

She says accountability will be a main concern with the unit being so geographically large.

The letter is set to be mailed sometime next week.