Residents of a central Cambridge neighbourhood say they’re not giving up in their fight to limit redevelopment of a former golf course.

The Saginaw Golf Club was sold to a Toronto-area developer in 2015. Niveda Properties now plans to build 368 residential units on the 65-acre site.

Some people living near the course have been fighting the project ever since, raising concerns about increased traffic and decreased house values.

The issue went to city councillors Monday night, with eight of nine council members voting in favour of a staff recommendation to allow the redevelopment.

The sole vote in opposition came from Coun. Nicholas Ermeta, whose ward includes the area around the course and who called the vote “an attack on this neighbourhood” Tuesday in an interview with CTV News.

“Residents paid a premium to back onto either a golf course or open space, and that’s being taken away,” he said.

“We’re going to be seeing a lot more intensification in the middle of the city. I think we need to hold onto the greenspace that we’ve got.”

Ermeta says he would be more open to a retirement home or similar use for the property, because it would allow for more greenspace between the development and exiting homes.

The city councillors’ vote must still be ratified by the city council, which is comprised of the same people. Niveda Properties did not return calls from CTV News before this story was published.

The issue will ultimately end up before the Ontario Municipal Board. A pre-hearing will take place next month, and two weeks in September have been set aside for the full hearing.

Patrick Kraemer, a lawyer representing the Save Saginaw Greenspace Residents’ Association, says the group is hopeful the OMB will mandate changes to the development plan.

“There are legitimate concerns that are going to be put before the board by the residents’ association,” he said.

“It shouldn’t be taken for granted that this is a fait accompli.”

With reporting by Heather Senoran