The City of Brantford’s red light camera program is now live.

On Tuesday, the city said five red light cameras are now fully operational, meaning violations are being both recorded and enforced.

The activation comes nearly three months after the city introduced six locations slated for red light cameras in response to aggressive driving behavior.

One of the announced locations has not had its red light camera go live, but that will be changing in the near future.

A city official told CTV News that the red light camera for Clarence Street at Dalhousie Street is still planned, but it’s taking a bit more time to complete.

Red light cameras have been installed at the following locations:

  • Blackburn Drive at Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway at Henry Street
  • Clarence Street at Icomm Drive
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway at Morton Avenue
  • Market Street at Wellington Street

Drivers who are captured by the red light camera may face a $325 fine.

A red light camera is an automated system that detects and captures images of vehicles entering an intersection if the traffic light turns red.

The camera automatically takes two photos of the vehicle, one entering and one proceeding through the intersection, and is used to assist authorities with enforcing traffic laws.

The city said the images are reviewed by Provincial Offence Officers and then tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle regardless of who was driving.

The program will cost the city around $200,000 a year and will be paid by fines collected from drivers.