Downsizing a home can be a daunting task for seniors, which is why they are increasingly looking to specialized realtors for help.

Accredited senior agents are realtors who help ease the transition for baby boomers that plan on moving out of their home and into a smaller space. Statistics Canada categorizes baby boomers as anyone born between 1946 and 1965.

Irene Major, 71, felt overwhelmed by the process of selling her home and finding a new place to live.

“I had never done it before. I had lived in an apartment for years and then I moved in with my mom,” said Major.

That’s why she turned to accredited senior agent, Lucy Wehrle.

Wehrle, a sales representative for Homelife, says this special designation teaches realtors to provide extra services that go far beyond simply selling homes.

“It is hand holding full, full, full service,” said Wehrle.

This full service includes everything from helping with upgrades to old homes, referrals to estate planning and lawyers and property maintenance.

Some realtors will charge extra for these specialized services, while others will simply take the commission for selling the home.

It’s expected that as baby boomers get older, more realtors will seek the special designation attached to this growing market.