A farmer and raw milk advocate has been sentenced to jail time for obstructing justice.

Michael Schmidt was handed a 60-day sentence in Walkerton court Wednesday for his role in attempting to stop officials from raiding his farm more than two years ago.

In October 2015, police officers and personnel from various provincial ministries showed up at Schmidt’s Grey County farm, seizing computers and other equipment as part of their investigation into allegations that Schmidt was selling unpasteurized milk.

Dozens of supporters showed up to back Schmidt, and a standoff ensued. A judge found that Schmidt had organized a blockade to prevent the investigators from leaving his farm.

The judge’s sentence was harsher than the Crown’s recommendation, which had been 30 days of house arrest.

Schmidt, who has been before the courts multiple times over the past decade for issues related to raw milk, will serve his sentence on weekends, which will allow him to continue farming during the week.

He plans to appeal his sentence.

With files from CTV London