KITCHENER -- The holy month of Ramadan started on Monday night when the moon became visible.

It's the second street year it's been observed during the pandemic.

Local leaders said they're thankful mosques are able to operate at 15 per cent capacity under current public health measures.

"We are at least having a better Ramadan than the last one because, the last one, our mosque was completely shut like all other mosques," Imam Abdul Syed with the Muslim Society of Waterloo said. "This year we are allowing 100 people to pray in our mosque. Our mosque has a capacity of more than 1,000 people, and, with that, only allowing 100 people means we've reduced the number a lot."

Over the next month, members of the Muslim community will take part in a daily fast, spiritual self-reflection and acts of charity.

The daily fast ends with a meal called Iftar. The Kitchener Maasjid will host drive-thru Iftars every weekend during Ramadan.

There are also a number of virtual events this year, including one hosted by the Waterloo Public Library on Saturday.