Despite the cold weather, there was quite a big turn out for Rally for Rails.

About 80 people gathered in Waterloo Uptown Square for the Sunday afternoon event. It was for a rally in favor of light rail trains. Organizers say there is no coincidence about it being held a day before city councils around Waterloo region are sworn in.

"We want to make sure that Waterloo city council, Kitchener city council, and the incoming regional council are well aware that light rail is still supported," says Tim Mollison, Tri-Cities Transportation Action Group.

The event was organized by the Tri-Cities Transportation Action Group, The Waterloo Students Planning Advisory, and a blog called Wonderful Waterloo.

The LRT has been approved by regional councilors. Both federal and provincial governments have come forward with financial help. But $225 million is needed to cover the rest of the LRT project.

Those in opposition of the LRT project believe it is too expensive.

Regional planners are looking for ways to tweak the budget, and to find options to save tax payers money. The report is expected to be tabled in January.