KITCHENER -- The University of Guelph says it is taking action after a student allegedly posted racist videos to TikTok.

One of the videos makes reference to a monkey, while another refers to the sale of slaves.

Students at the school tell CTV News that the posts have now been deleted from the video-sharing site, after the TikTok user received backlash.

However, some people saved the videos and have reposted them.

One student sent a private message to the original poster. They took a screenshot of that conversation and shared it with CTV News.

The student asks the poster: “Ok? So why you post it?”

The student who allegedly made the video responds: “Because I was riding trends, trying to get views without actually thinking about the message I’m sending.”

The University of Guelph has now responded to the controversy, saying in a message posted to Twitter: “[The university] has been made aware of a racist social media post by a student. We are a University community committed to mutual respect and anti-racism. We will not tolerate any expressions of hatred. We are taking steps to address this troubling situation that we know is hurtful to many.”

The school has not clarified what specific steps will be taken, and declined an interview with CTV News.

The University of Guelph Student Experience group also tweeted out a response to the videos.

“Black students at the UofG deserve respect, dignity and safety. We recognize that these videos have impacted black students at the UofG and are here to provide support.”

They say anyone who needs to talk about their experience should contact the school’s Cultural Diversity Advisor here.