With anti-bullying messages proudly displayed out front of the school, it's what's behind Our Lady of Fatima catholic elementary school that has parents upset.

Cambridge mom Suzie Colvin is reacting to images of the "eff" word boldly spray painted onto the school.

“That kind of language is inappropriate… they obviously are needing a way to express themselves and aren't finding a way to do that in a more positive way... so it was a bit disappointing, I think.”

The Waterloo District Catholic School board is taking the act of vandalism very seriously and is deferring all comments to the police.

The act is of a serious nature says the school board because, the graffiti tags are of anti-Semitic slurs.  

Police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel says officers investigate any racist material, although this incident doesn't appear to be racially charged.

“The information we received from the school today and our review of that information would suggest that we would not be proceeding as a hate crime in this particular case.  Having said that, it is still offensive language” says Heinzel.

Hespeler isn't known for these kinds of acts and grandfather Bruce Landry hopes it won't be. “There’s not a lot of it but it's starting to show up more and more” says Landry.

By mid-morning clean up crews were washing away the swear words removing any trace of the graffiti.