The dangerous offender hearing for Renee Acoby continued Monday, with details of "sexually provocative" photos taken in 2009.

Acoby has a history of violence while behind bars, including a hostage-taking at Kitchener's Grand Valley Institution for women.

But Acoby says she hasn't done anything violent in three years and has been trying hard to control herself.

On Monday, the prosecution introduced photos of Acoby taken at an Edmonton prison in 2009, calling them "sexually provocative."

Acoby disagreed with the description, and while being questioned by her lawyer, told the court that the staff at the prison had approved the clothing and the warden had approved the use of the disposable camera.

The photos were taken at Acoby's request by Kim Pate, the executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society, a group that works with women who are in the justice system.

Acoby reportedly intended to send the photos to someone, and the camera was left at the prison so officials there could have the photos developed and approved to be mailed out.

The hearing has been adjourned for several days as Acoby and her lawyer decide whether to call any additional witnesses.

A decision in the case is not expected until late November or December.