A Waterloo woman living in New York City described the scene after a helicopter crash-landed on the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper in which she works.

The crash happened around 2 p.m. Monday. Officials say the crash killed the pilot and started a fire, but that was quickly brought under control.

A swarm of rescue vehicles responded to the crash, which happened near the Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

City officials believe the pilot was the only person on board at the time.

At first, Waterloo native Lauren Dalton says she thought it might have been an earthquake.

Dalton is a corporate lawyer working in New York City. She says she was in her office in the building where the crash happened when she felt the building shake.

As time went on, she says there was a growing sense of panic. That’s when she got out of the building, ran across the street and tried to get as far away as possible.

“There were hundreds of people and I would say dozens of emergency vehicles as well surrounding the perimeter of the building,” she recalls. “There were emergency workers like firemen and police officers kind of charging through and going in various directions, people were dispersing everywhere. It was quite chaotic.”

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will investigate the crash.

Officials say there have been no other reports of injuries.