Cathy Klein calls it “puppy-palooza.”

Between last week and early July, 60 puppies specially bred for National Service Dogs will be born into the world.

The organization has already lined up people to raise about half of the herd, but that still leaves them looking for more than a few good homes.

“We’re looking for about 20 to 30 puppy-raisers,” says Klein, who is the organization’s puppy program trainer.

“We’re always looking for those souls that want to give back to somebody, but also want to make the emotional investment in a puppy that will change their life and that of somebody else.”

Puppy-raisers will have to socialize their dog into the world. Most volunteers even bring their puppy into work.

There are also mandatory classes – once a week for the first six months or so of the puppy’s life, and once every two weeks for the following year.

After that, National Service Dogs will provide the animal to somebody with a disability who is in need of a service dog.