A proposal for two highrise student buildings on land adjacent to the University of Guelph is upsetting local residents.

The $30-million development would house 1,500 people and include two towers, one 16- and one 14-floors, where the Best Western Hotel and Conference Centre currently sits.

Chris Pidgeon represents the developer, "This kind of product tends to draw students and carves out its own niche from a market perspective."

But residents gathered at a council meeting Monday night to voice their opposition to the massive project, saying it will disrupt the peace and quiet of their neighbourhood.

They have also sent a formal letter of objection to the City of Guelph, along with a petition containing over 600 names.

Local resident Peggy Pritchard says right now the area is "a slice of the country in the city."

Harry Oussoren also lives nearby, he says "One of the underlying principals of the official plan and bylaws and community living in general is that we must respect our neighbours, this proposed development will not meet that basic concept."

There are reportedly concerns that having so many more permanent residents would tax already stressed neighbourhood facilities like parks.

Local Andrew Kropinski says "The tenants would have to look elsewhere for places to play and the obvious place that they will go is not the university."

The public meeting was only the first on the proposal, and residents in attendance say they're not going to let it go ahead without a fight.