Plans to build a daycare in a Waterloo neighbourhood are causing a bit of a stink.

The owners of The Boardwalk on Ira Needles Boulevard are planning an extension that would include a new daycare.  It’s the proximity to the landfill that has some people worried.

Local resident Paul Brooks says “I wouldn’t take my son.  It’s too close to the methane gas. We personally rarely come to this location just for the fact that we smell the toxins every time we come here.”

The area falls within the Ministry of the Environment’s guidelines of 500 metres away from a landfill site. 

But the City of Waterloo says nothing will move forward until the exact safe distance is confirmed.

“We need some more information,” Mark Whaley, Waterloo City Councillor says “Is this day care centre indeed complying with ministry standards? If not, we have to look at it again.”

Even if the Ministry of Environment does approve the location, the Boardwalk Developers will still need to get approval from the Ministry of Education before proceeding with the daycare.