Kathleen Wynne laid a wreath of flowers at the gravesite of Buckam Singh on Sunday.

Singh was one of the first Sikh soldiers to serve in the Canadian army.

Born in India, Singh moved to Canada in 1893.

He was one of nine Sikhs to enlist in the army in 1915.

Private Singh was wounded several times in separate battles during the First World War.

He returned to Canada in 1918 and died a year later at Freeport Hospital in Kitchener. He was 25.

Singh was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, but his grave was only identified in the last decade.

It’s the only military grave in Canada for a Sikh soldier who fought in either World Wars.

Members of Waterloo Region’s Sikh community also shared stories about Singh’s life and military service.

Wynne also stopped in Petersburg to meet with the Golden Triangle Sikh Association.