A Kitchener couple are battling with bed bugs after moving into their first apartment on Vanier Drive in December.

They say the bugs went from being a problem to an infestation.

“We went to go to sleep and I looked up on the door frame and there was a cockroach,” says a pregnant Paige Kozak, who calls the apartment home.

Paige and her common-law partner moved into the apartment December 1.

Two weeks later they noticed bed bugs.

Property managers inspected the building but they say the problem persists.

The building is located at 49 Vanier Drive and is owned by Metcap, a management group out of Toronto.

They say they’ve sent exterminators to the building and to Kozak’s unit and maintain that under their inspection there were no bed bugs in the unit.

The city of Kitchener confirms they are looking into a complaint at the building but they say managing a bug issue isn’t easy.

“Bed bugs are very resilient and not easy to get rid of. There is lots of prep work when someone has bed bugs before the unit can be sprayed of treated,” says the Director of Enforcement for the city of Kitchener Gloria MacNeil.

Paige says they pay far too much to have to deal with bugs.