“We just rolled ten 1 gram joints. They let us through, no problem. They were really nice about it.”

Some attendees at Kitchener’s Ever After Festival are taking advantage of the event’s new pot policy.

“You bring about two to five joints a day,” said one festivalgoer. “It’s a more accepting environment.”

Organizers say it’s the first festival of its kind that allows for the legal consumption of cannabis.

The limit is 10 grams of pre-rolled weed per person, while campers can carry 28 grams.

Organizers say most festivalgoers have been following the rules.

“It’s alleviated a lot of security and policing issues,” says organizer Gabriel Mattacchione. “Overall it’s been a very easy and seamless transition.”

Weed is only supposed to be smoked in designated areas.

Selling is also strictly prohibited and anyone caught by police could be charged with trafficking.

There is a zero tolerance policy on all other drugs.