Damage to a community mailbox has left a Kitchener neighbourhood without mail delivery service for more than a month.

On Feb. 28, Canada Post confirms an incident damaged the mailbox on Landgren Court after a snowfall event, and a process to repair the affected unit began as soon as it was reported.

“I just think this is absolutely unacceptable,” said Heather Caron, a resident in the area.

Caron hasn’t received her mail in more than a month following the incident and is upset by the lack of communication from Canada Post to inform residents mail was not being delivered as a result of the damaged mailbox.

According to Caron, she received some mail to her door after inquiring about the issue with Canada Post, in which the problem with the community mailbox was acknowledged.


It wasn’t until March 30, she received a notice from Canada Post indicating mail delivery has been temporarily impacted by the incident, and her mail would be available for pick-up between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at a location more than a 15-minute drive away.

“They managed to deliver those notices to our door, but they can’t get the mail to our door,” said Caron. “That isn’t what we signed up for with the central mailboxes — to go pick it up at a remote location.”


In an emailed statement to CTV News, Canada Post indicates efforts to repair the community mailbox began as soon as the incident was reported; adding its depot at 654 Trillium Drive would have the mail available for delivery on an interim basis.

“While this incident was out of our control, we apologize to these customers for the inconvenience in temporary interruption of their mail delivery to their community mailbox,” said Janick Cormier, a media relations specialist with Canada Post, in a statement to CTV News.

Customers are required to have valid government-issued photo ID in order to pick up their mail.


Another neighbour living in the Lackner Woods neighbourhood points to a response to a complaint case she made with Canada Post noting a snowplough caused the damage and work order requests were created on March 1 and March 16, but delays in procuring the necessary parts has meant the mailbox remains in disrepair.

Caron adds the delay in dealing with the damage comes at a tough time — tax season. She hopes she isn’t penalized because of the ongoing issues with the mail.

“All of these documents, they do come at the beginning of the year,” said Caron. “I don’t know what’s been sent back, what’s been returned.”

Canada Post indicates customers with concerns can contact its team online or by telephone at 1-866-607-6301.