KITCHENER -- As dozens of Canadians fly home after being quarantined on a cruise ship, nearly 50 tested positive for COVID-19 and have been moved to a hospital in Japan.

A husband and wife from Port Dover are among the 47 Canadians diagnosed with the virus.

Greg Yerex tested positive for COVID-19 before Rose and faced the risk of being separated before she was later diagnosed.

The two and the other passengers were taken off the ship and travelled by bus to a medical centre where they are receiving treatment.

“So now we can see each other through this experience,” said Rose. “So that’s kind of the silver lining in the dark cloud.”

She says that even though they tested positive, they aren’t showing any signs of symptoms.

“This particular wing that we’re in is just for the group of us that fit the category of being positive for the virus but asymptomatic,” Rose said. “So as long as we wear our masks we can actually leave the room.”

The other 209 Canadians on the Diamond Princess cruise ship who have been cleared will be boarding a flight home.

They will depart Tokyo at 3 a.m. and arrive at a Canadian Forces base in Trenton at 1:30 a.m. on Friday. They will spend another 14 days in isolation.

“There has been obvious concerns about the practices on board the ship that have potentially led to the increased spread of the coronavirus,” said Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu. “But I can also empathize with Japan quarantining almost 3,000 people.”

On Thursday, the first case of the novel coronavirus in Ontario had been resolved. The single patient left in the province is expected to be cleared soon as well.

“The number of new cases being reported each day in China is going down,” said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, associate medicate officer of health. “We have to remain vigilant, but it’s looking somewhat positive.”

The first group of Canadians flown back from China should be released from quarantine Friday, the next group on Tuesday, and none have tested positive for COVID-19.