Police are trying to find out who defaced a popular mural in Woodstock.

Sometime overnight Saturday, the Woodstock Moose Lodge on Sutherland Drive was hit by vandals.

A mural of a moose that was painted on the side of a storage trailer on the property many years ago was covered in graffiti. It had become a familiar landmark in the community.

The damage was discovered on Sunday, the morning after the lodge had hosted a funeral reception for a long-time member.

Al MacKay, a volunteer with the Woodstock Moose Lodge for 20 years, found the graffiti.  

“We were just dumb founded. Disheartened. You name it. It was just disgusting," MacKay said.

The messages appear to read “Rest In Peace” and J-U-S-K - what locals say stands for “Just-us-silly-kids.”

Members are disappointed that the Lodge was targeted.

"We have beautified inside the Moose Lodge in order for us to make this place a community place. And then we have this graffiti outside," said Vanessa Giuliano, a volunteer and chef at the centre.

The Woodstock Moose Lodge has been a fixture in the community since 1932. The organization is dedicated to helping children and seniors and feeding the less fortunate.

Volunteers have offered to remove the graffiti for free, and are hopeful the signature moose mural can be saved.

Woodstock Police are searching for one or more people responsible for the damage.

With reporting by Mary Cranston