One week after a body was discovered in a Kitchener park police are still looking for answers.

Waterloo Regional Police say hikers discovered a dead body around noon July 26.

Police say the body, belonging to a woman, was found at Steckle Woods Park at Homer Waterson Boulevard and Bleams Road.

The body was sent to Hamilton for on autopsy July 27, but the results are still unknown.

Families of missing persons say while one week may not seem like a long time to identify a body, it can feel like forever when it could be your relative.

“On the news when we hear of a body remains being found we're always at the edge of our seat,” said Rhonda Macdermott whose brother went missing in 2002.

For the past sixteen years Macdermott’s family has been awaiting information on her brother Dave, last seen at a nightclub in Kitchener.

“People saying oh we’ve seen him so we would follow up but it wasn’t Dave,” she said.

Police say the body is believed to have been in the park for some time and note as a result the autopsy could take a while.

Officers are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death to determine if it is suspicious.