Four arrests were made in a pair of early-morning searches in Kitchener, but police say the two incidents are not related.

One search warrant was executed at a Victoria Street North business, the other at a home on Elizabeth Street.

At the business, No Excuse Car Care, police were seen towing away several vehicles including motorcycles, a dirt bike and a motor home. Two guns were also seized.

Police say they obtained access to the property through a drug warrant.

“Our officers are seizing suspected stolen property,” said police spokesperson Alana Holtom early in the day.

“They have some work to do here today. We’re expecting them to be here through the afternoon.”

Those who work near the repair shop say they were surprised to see all the police activity.

"When I pulled in this driveway, I saw a couple of officers here," said Milo Janakovic, who noticed shattered glass where officers had forced their way inside.

Two people have been arrested in connection with that warrant, and two more in connection with the unrelated warrant on Elizabeth Street -- where nearby residentsagain said they were surprised to see police in their neighbourhood.

"It's quite surprising. It's a pretty quiet neighbourhood," said Connie Noseworthy.

"It's not something that we see often in this area at all."