Kids in grades four and five were learning the dos and don’ts of bike safety from local authorities.

The Royal City Bike Rodeo returned to Guelph on Saturday after being absent for many years beforehand.

“There has been a lack of bike rodeos in the school system,” said Yvette Tendick, president of the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation. “So this is a way that we’re kind of picking up the slack so kids have an opportunity to participate anyway.”

Guelph Police ran the rodeo and say that it’s much safer to ride in a bike lane than a sidewalk.

“Beginning at this age, they should be experimenting riding their bicycle on the road,” said Constable Matt Jotham. “They need to learn the rules of the road and how to ride safely.”

Parents at the event say they feel a little safer when their kids go biking by themselves now.

“It’s better for them to hear it from somebody else other than Mom just yammering at them,” said parent Ruth Morton. “Somebody in uniform and everything.”

Guelph Police add that they hope cyclists of all ages wear a helmet when they’re riding and they register their bikes to help authorities find them if they’re stolen.

The Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation says they hope to make the rodeo a yearly event.