A Waterloo Region police officer who pleaded guilty to stealing and possessing marijuana says he plans to appeal his conviction and hopes to eventually become a police officer again.

Const. Andrew Robson was convicted in January following an undercover sting operation that took place in 2007. He was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and one year of probation.

He has claimed to have been under a lot of stress at the time, and ended up abusing drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with post-traumatic stress disorder he developed after dealing with difficult calls.

He now says he hopes his case will serve as a wake-up call about the mental dangers of policing.

“I want post-traumatic stress disorder to be more recognized in policing, and something to be done about it in a more positive way,” Robson said.

Robson spoke to CTV on Tuesday after Police Services Act hearing, at which internal discipline was expected to be meted out.

Instead, discipline from the Waterloo Regional Police Service was postponed as it was learned that Robson plans to appeal his conviction.

“Because he’s launched an appeal of the two charges he’s pleaded guilty to, the Police Services Act hearing has to be postponed until such a time as the appeal has been heard,” Insp. Kevin Thaler told CTV.

Robson technically remains a member of the Waterloo Regional Police Service until his legal situation is finalized, but he is essentially an officer in name only.

“Mr. Robson is not receiving any pay and he has no duties with the Waterloo Regional Police Service,” Thaler said.

He may not have any duties right now, but Robson says he hopes to one day return to policing.

“I took a lot of pride in what I did, and unfortunately, through some experiences on the job, it really messed with my head,” he said.

Robson faces 14 charges under the Police Services Act, including two new charges laid Tuesday.