A Guelph police officer is facing assault charges and a ban from several hockey arenas after an altercation with a linesman his son`s minor hockey game.

Const. Neil Moulton finds himself in hot water following an incident at a game in Cambridge on Feb. 10.

Cambridge Minor Hockey Association president John Van Breda says the incident began with a scuffle between two players. One of them was escorted off the ice by a linesman, and that’s when Moulton allegedly became involved.

“A parent from the team physically grabbed the officials and pushed him against the wall of the Preston Auditorium,” Van Breda tells CTV.

Guelph police say Moulton, who has spent 12 years with the service, was charged with assault following that incident.

The CMHA has banned Moulton from its arenas, and says if he shows up there or at any of his son’s away games, the coach will bench his son until he leaves.

The ban will last until the court case is resolved. CMHA officials say Moulton has been called in front of their discipline chair in the past, but not for incidents as serious as this one.

Moulton’s lawyer, Bernard Cummins, says there’s another side to the story that will come out in the courtroom.

“We certainly look forward to clearing an honourable person’s name, who comes from an honourable profession, who was acting justifiably as a concerned citizen in a volatile event,” he says.

Van Breda says aggression and abuse against on-ice officials is becoming a bigger problem.

"Some parents feel the officials are there to be abused, yelled at," he says.

A police spokesperson says Moulton, who recently won an award for excellence in community service, remains on duty as a field support officer working in neighbourhood services.

Moulton is scheduled to appear in court March 28.