Police say they are following a number of leads in the disappearance of Cambridge chef Jonathan Gushue.

But eight days after his last recorded financial transactions and 10 days after he was last seen by his family, Gushue remains missing.

Gushue, who sometimes goes by the name Jonathan Herder, is the executive chef at Langdon Hall in Cambridge. His most recent shift at Langdon Hall was on Dec. 29. He was scheduled to work Dec. 31, but didn’t show up for his shift.

Gushue, 41, hasn’t been seen or had contact with his family since Dec. 31, when he was in downtown Toronto.

According to police, financial transactions were completed in Gushue’s name Dec. 31. His cell phone was found at the Toronto hotel he stayed the previous night, and police say his car has also been accounted for.

Police say Gushue has been known to go away for a day or two in the past, but has never disappeared for a week.

Representatives from Langdon Hall, where Gushue has worked since 2005, say they are concerned about Gushue's whereabouts and concerned on behalf of Gushue's young family.

In 2010, Gushue’s work was credited for landing his employer a prestigious award when Langdon Hall was named one of the world’s top 100 restaurants.

Langdon Hall has been closed for maintenance, but plans to reopen Wednesday with chef de cuisine David Sider leading the kitchen.

Local food writer Andrew Coppolino says Gushue is a successful chef in both ability and reputation.

“He takes simple ingredients and does magical things with them on a plate,” he says.

“Like a conductor in an orchestra, he really guides things. He’s the face, basically, of the restaurant. His leadership is needed for that machine to keep ticking along and doing the great things that it is doing.”

Coppolino says he hopes Gushue is found soon and reunited with his family.

On Twitter, prominent members of the culinary community are expressing similar feelings.

“One of our best chefs is MIA. If ever there was a time for prayers this is it,” tweeted celebrity chef Michael Smith.

Gushue is described as about 5’10” and 180 pounds. He is white and has short dark hair and blue eyes.

Police are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact them.