Ecstasy in pill and powder form, and equipment and chemicals to make the drug have been found at an industrial building on Heritage Road in Burlington as part of a Waterloo Regional Police investigation.

Halton Regional Police Det. Sgt. Nishan Duraiappah says "this is a very significant seizure we have found here, drugs in excess of $1 million."

The search took place around 6:00 a.m. on Friday, with Halton Regional, Hamilton and Waterloo Regional Police involved.

A safety perimeter was set up around the building to contain the area, which held toxic and potentially explosive chemicals, before assessment teams wearing protective equipment conducted a preliminary evaluation of the scene.

Police investigators, Health Canada and Ministry of the Environment representatives were on scene, along with members of the Burlington Fire Department and EMS to ensure officer and public safety.

There are no public safety concerns, but nearby businesses may be affected by the investigation. It is expected to continue for several days as officers collect samples for testing that will be used as evidence.

The owner of the building, Aldon Rooke, believed those leasing the space were running a renovation company, and says they've occupied the space since May 2010.

People working nearby described the occupants as "plain, normal people" who were seen grabbing equipment and "getting ready for a day of work."

The search came as part of an investigation into the production and distribution of methamphetamine and MDMA/ecstasy.

Waterloo Regional Police say search warrants were also executed at other locations in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Waterdown on Friday with the assistance of Halton Regional and Hamilton Police investigators.

Two men were taken into custody in connection with searches at residences in Waterdown and Burlington, while storage lockers in Milton and Oakville were also searched.

The Waterloo Regional Police investigation, which was prompted by the discovery of a methamphetamine lab in Cambridge in May 2010, is expected to continue.

In a press release Waterloo Regional Police Chief Matt Torigian says "The production of illegal drugs such as MDMA and methamphetamine involves the use of chemicals that can lead to significant risks for first responders and to the general public."

He also said the investigation shows the need for police services to work together and for the public to assist the police in identifying the operations.

Anyone with information is asked to call 519-653-7700 Ext. 8612 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.