A police officer noticing a driver repeatedly crossing over to the wrong side of the road was only the start of an investigation that allegedly led the officer to illegal drugs and weapons – including crystal meth sewn into an article of clothing.

Stratford police say the officer spotted the vehicle late Saturday night on Downie Street, and pulled it over after it had crossed the centre line four times.

While talking to the driver, the officer allegedly saw something that looked like a black handgun at the driver’s feet.  It was soon determined that the gun was an air pistol, and the driver was ordered out of the car and arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon.

One passenger, a 36-year-old Stratford woman, was arrested at the scene on an outstanding warrant, while another passenger, a 38-year-old Stratford man, was arrested after police allegedly found 27 grams of crystal meth in the car.

While that man was being searched, police say, officers found that he was carrying a stun gun disguised as a cell phone, two flick knives, bear repellant, $700 worth of crystal meth and some pills.

Once the trio was taken to the police station, 1.5 grams of crystal meth was allegedly found having been sewn into the driver’s clothing. Police say there was also a spring-assisted flick knife in his bag.

In total, the three people from the vehicle are facing a total of 21 charges. All three have been charged with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The driver – a 57-year-old Mitchell man – has also been charged with drug-impaired driving, drug possession and weapons offences. The female passenger has also been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, and the male passenger with more than a dozen charges relating to drugs, weapons, breach of probation and possession of property obtained by crime.