LINWOOD -- A Linwood farmer is calling for the cancellation of a fireworks display scheduled for next month because she's concerned about her horses' safety.

Nine-year-old Cadence Cotter said she has a special bond with her horse, Queenie.

There's a drive-by fireworks show scheduled for Dec. 11 at the Linwood Community Centre and Cotter is concerned.

"She would get seriously spooked and it could cause injury and/or death," she said.

The community centres borders the farm that's home to 35 horses. Owner Lori Robinson wants the Township of Wellesley to cancel the event.

"Our concern is them hurting themselves, them hurting us, the potential that they could go through the fence and get into the paragon lot and hurt a family watching the fireworks in their car," Robinson said.

Council consulted a lawyer and voted to let the fireworks go ahead.

"Please, please don't do this," Robinson said. "It could be fine, but it also could be terribly catastrophic."

The township has amended the show, which will now have a lower level display to reduce noise.

"It's just a really nice break from some of the anxiety and stress that a lot of people are feeling right now," Mayor Joe Nowak said.

A petition to cancel the event has gathered more than 1,800 signatures.

Nowak said the decision wasn't taken lightly and that many residents are looking forward to the 17-minute display. He added the event follows all bylaws and public health safety rules.

"The owner of the property should do everything they can to work with us on this," Nowak said.

A riding coach at the farm said it could cause the horses emotional distress.

"These horses aren't used to being kept in stalls," Michaelah Robinson said. "It could be very stressful changing their routine like that."

Council plans to discuss the event again on Tuesday night.