KITCHENER -- Metrolinx has laid out its early plans to electrify the Kitchener GO line.

The provincially owned transit provider is moving closer to upgrading the line from diesel-powered trains to electrical ones.

However before the work goes forward, it will go to the public for consultation.

The project will cover 54 kilometres of rail line from Georgetown to Kitchener. It will require converting the stretch from conventional rail to a line with overhead power lines.

Metrolinx says electric trains are quieter, safer, faster and more efficient than the current diesel option.

An overhead power system will be similar to the ION lines.

The project will need at least two large power stations, one in Kitchener at Shirley Avenue and another one in Guelph, east of Highway 6 near Paisley Road.

The plans also need to work around 10 bridges and overpasses. Only two of those will need special attention, including the Margaret Avenue bridge. Metrolinx said it may need to lower the track and make other modifications at that bridge.

Metrolinx hopes to have firm plans in place by 2021, allowing work to begin.