The plan to build what would be the tallest towers in Kitchener came under the scrutiny of those who would be living nearby.

The city hosted a virtual neighbourhood meeting Tuesday night on a developer's plan for 50 Borden Avenue South right next to the ION station.

The Woodhouse Group and Vive Development proposal is looking to build two towers, 57 and 51 storeys in height, with space in the base for retail and parking.

The developers addressed concerns over the height of the buildings and increased traffic.

"Obviously when you're dealing with buildings of this height, shadows will be a factor," said project architect Matt Bolen. "There's really no way around that. It's really about minimizing the impact.

"One of the big challenges when you have a site of this nature with this much traffic coming in and out, and you add on the layered complexity of LRT, which in some ways takes down your traffic load."

City staff will be collecting comments from the community before writing a report with a planning recommendation.

Council has not yet made any decision on the proposal yet.