WATERLOO -- The Region of Waterloo is proposing a number of new safety measures at some busy intersections.

A part of a pilot project, drivers won’t be able to make right turns at red lights in three local intersections.

The intersections include Hespeler Road at Munch Avenue in Cambridge, Hespeler Road at Bishop Street North, and University Avenue West at Albert Street in Waterloo.

"Nineteen per cent of pedestrian collisions are happening with the rights on red," said Thomas Schmidt, Commissioner of Transportation.

The chair of Cycle Waterloo Region also noting the new changes could be especially effective, in areas filled with students.

"Around the university we have such a dense population of students, other people, professors, anyone who lives in the area, and it is where we see the highest number of pedestrian and cyclist collisions," said Emily Slofstra, the Chair of Cycle Waterloo Region.

A regional staff report says the safety measures could help eliminate almost 20 per cent of crashes involving pedestrians.

The report is being brought forward to council next Tuesday for discussion.

Regional staff say more research is needed, before council can have the opportunity to approve the project.