ST. MARYS -- The town of St. Marys is adding a pop of colour to its outdoor dining scene with some painted picnic tables.

This spring, the town put out a call to local artists, asking them to help brighten up the community’s outdoor tables.

“Social gatherings have been so important, and mental health, so it’s a way for people to feel connected to their community again,” said Andrea Macko, an events coordinator with the town of St. Marys.

There are ten tables across the town in total, six of which are in Milt Dunnell Field, two near the town hall, and two near the quarry.

The town said each picnic table offers its own unique design.

“We have a board game, we have some interesting abstract designs, some beautiful scenes of the town, some of our landmarks, just interesting interpretations of life in St. Marys,” said Macko.

Bruce White and his dog walking club friends painted one of the tables that sits outside of the town hall.

“It was just fun to get together and do a project that the community can see and share with everyone,” said White.

White said the painting on his group’s table was inspired by their love of cooking and of course their dogs.

“The theme was the picnic table and then one of the people we walked with recently died, and she was a good friend of us and we knew her dog, and that’s how the dog part came about,” said White.

Each of the picnic tables also comes with a QR code, where users can learn more about the painting and where other tables can be found.