Two men are facing charges for hunting wild turkey at the wrong time of year – and they would likely have gotten away with it if they hadn’t provided the authorities with photographic proof.

The men, who live in the Harriston and Hanover areas, went skeet shooting in Grey County last September.

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, one of them men shot and killed a wild turkey, while the other man photographed the first man with his shotgun and the turkey.

The photo was then posted online, where it attracted the attention of a conservation officer.

The case was heard in court last week, with both men pleading guilty to unlawfully hunting wild turkey during the closed season.

The man who shot the bird was fined $1,000 and had his turkey-hunting licence suspended for three months, while the man who took the photo was fined $500.

Hunting wild turkeys in Ontario is only legal during certain times of the year – a spring season that typically includes late April and most of May, and a fall season that encompasses several weeks in October.