KITCHENER -- A whimsical piece of tofu had a serious message to deliver to shoppers in Kitchener on Thursday.

As part of a demonstration by animal-rights group PETA, a person dressed as a piece of tofu was out dancing at Zehrs on Ottawa Street South in an attempt to convince shoppers to switch to a vegan diet.

The dancing tofu and volunteers were also handing out free tofu samples to shoppers and tips on how to prepare it.

The group also suggesting that eating meat is to blame for current and past outbreaks of disease, including the novel coronavirus.

"It's no wonder that tofu and other vegan options, the demand for them is skyrocketing and of course tofu has never caused a pandemic,” says Vikki Lenola, PETA.

PETA’S “Tofu never caused a pandemic” ad campaign debuted back in May, pointing to a wet market in China were live and dead animals are sold and its connection to the pandemic.