How can authorities keep cyclists on the road and out of the way of pedestrians?

That’s the question concerned resident Joshua Maillet wants the answer to.

He says he and his husband walk everywhere, but that the sidewalks are becoming too dangerous.

“If someone just comes up behind you really fast, or is coming in the opposite direction towards you, that’s a big issue,” said Maillet. “If they’re not being careful then it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

“People have just gotten too comfortable breaking the law.”

Bicycles are considered vehicles under the provincial highway traffic act and must ride on the road.

Brandon Bragg manages the bike shop “Backpeddling” and says cyclists have to follow similar rules of cars in order to keep pedestrians safe.

“What a car can get fined for, a bicycle can get fined for,” he said. “People that aren’t paying attention could walk into a cyclists because they didn’t expect them on the sidewalk in the first place.”

Maillet says a cyclist didn’t want to move over for him on a sidewalk, ended up running into his shoulder, and gave him a minor injury.

He adds it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

Waterloo Regional Police tell CTV Kitchener that people who are riding on the sidewalk can be ticketed, but that it’s not a common occurrence.