KITCHENER -- Out-of-towners from COVID-19 hot spots are being asked to stay away from attractions in Waterloo Region.

That request came days after the Dinosaur Drive-Thru announced it would extend its Kitchener run until the end of the month because of high demand.

So far, organizers said they've welcomed about 30,000 visitors, and around 10,000 of them have been from outside the region.

Health officials are concerned they might be coming from COVID-19 hotspots.

"They shouldn't be coming to the region if they are from one of those areas where they've been asked not to leave," Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang said.

Those areas include Toronto, Peel and York Regions. The province has asked people living there not to leave their municipal boundaries.

The Dinosaur Drive-Thru was put together by Bingemans, the Museum and the Indian River Reptile and Dinosaur Park.

"We, along with our presenting partners, support all the health guidance provided across the province," the owner of Bingemans said in an emailed statement to CTV News. "We also acknowledge the guidance for those in hot zones to stay within their area. However with no actual requirement, it is extremely difficult for any business in hospitality/tourism or other sectors to manage this. Should there be additional requirements imposed by public health we would certainly follow them accordingly."

Minto Schneider, CEO of Explore Waterloo Region, said restaurants and hotels are struggling during the pandemic, since the GTA was a major tourist market for them prior to COVID-19.

"We're trying to be sensitive to the travel restrictions that the province is using to keep the COVID infections under control," Schneider said.

She added that visitors from other locations are still welcome.

"There are others in Ontario that aren't under restricted travel and those are the people we want to come and visit right now," Schneider said. "Those are the people we want to come and visit right away. The others should wait until the infection rates start to drop and then come to visit us."

The Dinosaur Drive-Thru opened on Thanksgiving weekend and was supposed to end Saturday. It will stay open until Oct. 30 due to high demand.