Residents of a Kitchener neighbourhood say something needs to be done in response to a sharp escalation in traffic levels.

The Fairway Road extension opened last month, connecting that street with Kossuth Road in Cambridge via a bridge spanning the Grand River.

Residents say the extension has been a big success in that it carries significant traffic across the river, but they’re worried about what it means for pedestrians in the area.

“If you want to cross the road, you have to be very careful, because the cars coming from the bridge never stop,” says resident Sonia Hudak.

There are no traffic lights on the new section of Fairway. Residents backing onto the road say they would have to walk well out of their way to be able to cross the street safely.

Coun. Berry Vrbanovic represents the neighbourhood at City Hall. He says traffic concerns are justified.

“It’s something that has increased, certainly from residents’ perspectives, since the bridge opened, and as more people start using the bridge, I anticipate it’s going to get worse,” he tells CTV.

Kitchener city councillors will vote Monday on a motion to ask the Region of Waterloo to study the section of Fairway between Pebblecreek Drive and Sims Estate Drive and determine if something should be done for pedestrian safety.

Even drivers have concerns about the increased traffic.

Vessant Toolsie lives in the neighbourhood. He says there are certain times of day making a left turn onto Fairway is an exercise in frustration.

“To make a left turn there, it can take about 10-15 minutes at least,” he says.

City of Kitchener officials have little say in the matter because Fairway Road is classified as a regional road.