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Peace rally in Uptown Waterloo calls for end to Ukraine war

A small group gathered in Uptown Waterloo to call for an end to the war in Ukraine.

The peace rally was held Tuesday evening in Waterloo Public Square and organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

The event is part of a week of action calling on the Trudeau government to stop sending weapons to Ukraine and instead focus on negotiations to end the war.

“In about 20 countries there are hundreds taking action, people with their peace signs and banners saying we want to war in Ukraine to end,” said Tamara Lorincz, a member of the group. “We want the killing to stop, we want the negotiations to begin so that we can have peace and we can co-operate on our global common challenges.”

Other peace rallies will be held in cities across Canada throughout the week, including Victoria, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Top Stories

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