Some students at a Kitchener elementary school have been told they can't pack milk or egg products in their lunches because of concerns of severe allergies.

St. Timothy Catholic School is asking students in two kindergarten classes to leave dairy and egg products at home.

Parent Stephen Watson tells CTV Kitchener “There's a child in question that is now coming into kindergarten, he's allergic to all diary products and eggs.”

Teachers and parents were at a meeting Wednesday night at the school to discuss the issue. Some are glad schools are stepping up to protect kids with allergies.

Parent Lorri King says “I think it's fantastic that the school is a community and they're going above and beyond to make the school safe.”

Other parents say the list of banned products is getting too long. Parent Lucas Kemp wonders how accommodate this new requirement. “Everything is made with dairy and eggs.”

With a nut-free policy already in place in most Ontario schools some St. Timothy's parents now have to be very careful about what they can pack for school.

Watson says “Nuts are just one thing, when you're dealing with milk and dairy and eggs, that's a whole different ballpark. You're basically eliminating an entire food group.”

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board declined to comment on the specifics of this case or the severity of the allergies involved because of threats of possible legal action.

Dieticians say the dairy food group is important as a source of Calcium and Vitamin D.

Parent Josephine Skrtic says “It's not banning, it's about shifting. Kids can still have milk at home, just not at school.”