KITCHENER -- As teachers’ walk off the job, some parents scramble to find ways to keep their kids busy.

Parent of five Agnus Ronalds took all of his children tobogganing Friday as all four Ontario teachers’ unions took job action.

“Gotta’ find something for the kids to do,” he said. “it eats into our vacation time as we’re juggling careers. We have to look at the week ahead and say what day can you take and which day I can take.”

Some kids tell CTV Kitchener that school would just be ‘doing math’ and nothing else interesting because they cancelled all field trips.

“I just miss gym, recess, and my friends,” said one young student.

Parent of two Laura Palte says she’s trying to make the most of the days off.

“I consider each of these days kind of a gift, and kids grow up so fast,” she said. “It’s an extra day to hang out with them and have fun.”

The union representing Ontario’s Catholic English teachers has suspended rotating strikes scheduled for next week and returned to the bargaining table with the province.

“It feels awesome but honestly nerve-wracking as we’ve had so many [strikes],” said one high school student. “It could affect summer school.”

Some of Ontario’s secondary schools will still see job action next Friday.