KITCHENER -- As public school teachers gear up for a one-day strike, some parents are looking to private schools as an option for their kids.

Scholars' Hall in Kitchener is one school that's seeing an uptick in interest.

The school tells CTV that the calls are coming in, but it can't accept any more students. That's because it's at capacity and because it operates on a semester basis, similar to universities.

The school did put out an email to parents with children enrolled there, saying they can invite their friends' and family's kids for the day of the strike so they don't have to miss out on school.

The school costs $12,000 per year to enroll, but they're offering the day of schooling free of charge.

They're expecting 15 additional students on account of Wednesday's strike: two from high school and the rest from elementary.

Scholars' Hall says that, if a strike was to last longer, those students would be accepted for the additional period of time.

"The same parents that have contacted us for tomorrow's date or last Wednesday, if the teachers are out for a longer period than one day at a time, one week, one month, we will accommodate them and provide them with as good as education as we can," says director of education Fred Gore.

The school says it's already three quarters full for next year's enrollment.

Scholars' Hall isn't the only one who's seen a spike in interest since the strikes began.

"At the KW Montessori School, since the beginning of news reports regarding strike action from local teacher’s unions, we have received an increase in enquiries asking for child care for school closure dates," says Ann Marie Fear, principal at KW Montessori School.

"One parent even offered to pay for a month’s tuition for a single day of care."

The City of Kitchener is also offering one-day programming on the day of the strike for $25 per child.

In Waterloo, the city is offering spaces for kids aged four to 11 at their day camp. The cost for that is $44.76.

Cambridge will be offering its own day camp, too, for $40.