There is video surveillance of a parcel being stolen right off the porch of a Guelph home.

The man who lives in the home is hoping to bring awareness to the area.

“It is horrible when it happens to you and I feel for that family,” says neighbour Michelle Lobkowicz.

Police say more online shopping means more home deliveries are being made.

“These thieves are simply driving through neighbourhoods, they’re looking for packages on a front porch,” says Const. Mike Gatto with the Guelph Police force.

Officials advise telling neighbours to be on the lookout along with keeping an eye on any online tracking system.

The man who posted the video says the box was found opened on the lawn of a house a few doors down.

The toys were still inside, a little beaten up but in good shape.

Police are reminding thieves if they are caught they can be charged with theft.

With reporting from Marta Czurylowicz