Dedicated to his community, David Hilderley believes in putting Families First. An educator in Oxford County for 34 years, David also coached hockey & baseball. He has served on several boards and committees for community groups, and most recently, helped organize fundraisers for the Woodstock Hospital Foundation and VON Sakura House. David is experienced in the private sector, having run a Bed & Breakfast and property management company. He currently works as an independent contractor with Century 21 Heritage House. Each of these public, private and community endeavours has given David a strong understanding of the importance of growing new economic opportunities while maintaining public services like health care, education and support programs for the agricultural community. David knows only the Ontario Liberals have a plan that balances all of these concerns, bringing new clean energy jobs while helping more families find family doctors, rebuilding Ontario's education system into one of the best in the world, and implementing a new Risk Management Program for local farmers.

Proud of the progress the Ontario Liberals have made, David wants to keep our province on the right track. David and his wife, Patrice, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Why should Ontarians vote for you?

The voters in Oxford County know me as an individual who has given countless hours working to support families in so many ways. As a teacher, consultant and administrator, my students and families recognized the extra efforts I put forth to assist all students and particularly those with special needs. In the community, people know I work hard to assist organizations like Big Brothers, Relay for Life, VON Sakura House and the Woodstock General Hospital. I get the job done. Running in this election is my next commitment to work hard for the families of Oxford. I want them to have a strong voice at Queen's Park and the Liberal Party is the only one that stands up for Families.

If you are elected as an MPP by your constituents, what will your top two priorities be?

If elected as MPP, the two top priorities for representing Oxford will be the economy and health care. We need to continue to move forward with job creation locally and that includes our agricultural community, by keeping family farms in the family. Oxford County has already seen the creation of manufacturing and Green Energy jobs. Our communities are poised and ready to create many, many more. I will work hard to ensure the success of the developments that are ready to get started and to help promote future developments. In health care, we have new facilities like our recently-completed Woodstock Hospital and an upcoming addition at the Tillsonburg Hospital. But we need more. Seniors in our area need more help with programs and facilities that will continue to assist them in their retirement years. This priority will be a major focus for me in the next four years.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Ontarians?

As we move forward over the next few years, the people of Ontario will continue to strive for the right balance in their lives. Families need to know that they will have a sustainable income to provide for themselves and their loved ones. That is why the Ontario Liberals are so focused on the economy – providing a secure future for families. That being accomplished, Ontarians will be looking for excellent health care for their kids, themselves and aging parents. Parents will be looking for excellence in education and employers will be looking for the same at the graduation end of the spectrum. A skilled labour force is required to keep our economy competing in a global market. Putting the Ontario Liberals' Green Energy projects and strong agricultural programs forward keeps Ontarians healthy and able to enjoy a quality lifestyle.