WATERLOO -- Waterloo Region residents 70 and older, along with anyone who received an mRNA vaccine before April 18, can begin requesting an earlier second dose appointment starting on Monday.

The move is in line with the provincial announcement that accelerated second dose eligibility had been expanded due to an increasing supply of vaccines.

"We’re excited to be accelerating the booking of second doses for everyone 70 years of age and older as well as anyone who had an mRNA vaccine on or before April 18,” Shirley Hilton, Deputy Chief for Waterloo regional police and head of the Waterloo Region Vaccine Distribution Task Force, said in a release Firday. “With an increased supply of vaccines, we’ll be able to complete first doses sooner and administer second doses according to the Province’s accelerated schedule.”

Those who fall into the expanded eligibility group can request a second dose at a shortened interval by completing a form on the Region of Waterloo website.

Officials say it may take two to four weeks to be contacted about an earlier second dose appointment.

Anyone with a second-dose appointment already scheduled in the next few weeks is being urged to keep their original booking.

Regional officials said Friday they're working on a new system to make it easier for residents to rebook a second dose appointment. That system is expected to be available next week.