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'Our communities really answer our calls': Funds for dog's emergency surgery raised in hours

A fundraiser for a one-year-old's emergency surgery only needed five hours to meet its goal.

The Kitchener-Waterloo-Stratford-Perth Humane Society put out an urgent plea Sunday asking for the public's help for Sylvia the dog's surgery.

"A member of the public called us because their dog had found Sylvia in their backyard and she wasn't moving," said Calla James of the humane society. "Our officers were out to check on her and bring her back to the humane society.

"We realized that not only did her one foot have a pretty deep cut, her right hip was also dislocated."

The humane society realized she needed surgery and put out the plea to help cover medical and care costs.

"We do not receive any government funding for our charitable programs and services," said James. "We rely on our communities and our donors."

They surpassed their $5,500 goal within five hours.

"That is something we've been so thankful for," said James. "Our communities really answer our calls when we put these urgent appeals out."

Sylvia spent Sunday resting in a small kennel to keep her injuries stabilized before she went to surgery, which the humane society says was successful.

"We had a veterinary surgeon that was willing to come in so quickly to help us and make sure that Sylvia's on the road to recovery," said James.

Despite Sylvia needing extensive physiotherapy, she has already found her forever home..

As of 7 p.m. Sunday, the fundraiser had raised $6,280. The humane society says additional money raised will go to further costs of Sylvia's care or other animals in need at the shelter. Top Stories


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