The Ontario SPCA says it’s hit a roadblock as it tries to figure out what happened at a rabbit farm north of Mount Forest.

The agency says it has been investigating the farm, which is located near Holstein in Grey County, since last August. The investigation was prompted by the discovery of video footage purportedly taken inside the barn.

According to the OSPCA, investigators have not been able to obtain the original video or determine for certain where it was taken, but believe it was shot by somebody who was not supposed to be inside the barn.

Additionally, the organization says it’s “trying to determine how approximately 100 rabbits ended up loose on the property, many of which unfortunate died as a result of vehicle traffic and wildlife.”

The OSPCA says the witnesses who brought the videos to their attention are no longer co-operating with them. As a result, they’re asking anyone who might have information about the farm in question to contact their investigators.

“Individuals who attempt to take the law into their own hands, instead of reporting concerns, are permitting animal cruelty to continue and can impede the Ontario SPCA’s ability to enforce animal cruelty legislation,” the organization said in a press release.