KITCHENER -- Community organizations in the area are helping make sure those at risk of COVID-19 are well stocked up on food, supplies, and other resources.

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is one group who says they will continue to meet the needs of those who rely on them.

“Our inventory is in a good position right now,” said Food Bank CEO Wendi Campbell. “We continue to work with our donors across the province to ensure that we have the supplies we need.”

They say their work with partners like Cambridge’s Self-Help Food Bank and House of Friendship will continue.

Campbell also expects that community donations will decline, even though they don’t rely on them.

“We’re hoping our corporate donations will increase,” she said.

Campbell says she also expects requests to increase, even though they remain steady at the time.

The Lakeside Hope House is an organization that relies on community donations and their executive director says they’re stocked up for now, but are asking for help to support kids.

“When people come here they go shopping for the items they want,” said Jaya James.  “Now that kids are home and these families are looking after them, they’re losing access to these [school] meal programs and they’re going to be coming into places like Hope House looking for more support.”

Social media groups to connect people have also been popping up.

Suzie Taka, a moderator for the Facebook group “Caremongering K-W”, says over a thousand members have joined since the group was created Friday night.

“Someone today went and picked up a prescription for someone else,” she said. “Someone’s been matching donations to local organizations like the food bank.”