Two groups of protesters gathered outside Cambridge city hall on Thursday evening.

Tensions were high but things began peacefully as a special meeting got underway about whether or not to move forward with a location for a consumption and treatment services site.

On one side, those who say the sites save lives.

“I have saved so many lives myself that it’s traumatized me and there could’ve been people out there and a safe place to go to that those people would’ve had the proper, educated help to save their lives,” says Dominique Doucette.

On the other side were those who say they fear the sites would come with increased crime in neighbourhoods near the downtown core.

“When you talk to the people that live in these areas and you see the result of what happens, it’s incredibly damaging to the community while at the same time, simply not solving the problem,” argues Adam Cooper.

There have been cancelled meetings and major delays in council’s decision. Council considered a motion on whether or not to pick a final location.

An interim control bylaw prevents a location in the downtown core. There haven’t been any preferred sites chosen since.

Council’s vote will determine whether or not a committee should look into a site at all.